CRM Consulting and Development Services

We'll help you get a CRM solution that suits your company's needs and requirements perfectly.

What CRM Services Are You Looking For?

CRM Consulting and Strategy Planning

Our team has gained solid expertise in consulting companies on their CRM strategies and picking effective tools that fit their business scenarios.

CRM Software Development and Implementation

Velvetech helps organizations leverage CRM adoption services: implement solutions of any complexity, build custom modules, enable systems integration.

CRM Integration and Customization

Embrace the best practices for CRM configuration and take advantage of customization opportunities to enhance the functionality or tailor it to your needs.

Top CRM Consulting Company by Clutch

Velvetech’s expertise in custom CRM development services and consulting has been highly acclaimed by Clutch, a trusted B2B ratings and reviews site, that ranked Velvetech as Top Marketing Automation Consultants.

Our CRM implementation and integration services will set your business among industry leaders, leaving your competitors far behind. We provide cutting-edge CRM technologies to unlock the full potential of your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care.


CRM Gets Everybody on the Same Page


  • Collaborative sales process
  • Omnichannel customer engagement
  • AI assistance throughout the customer life cycle


  • 360-degree customer view
  • Process-driven approach
  • Elaborate metrics for marketing activities tracking

Customer Care

  • Intuitive self-service web portals
  • Contextual real-time guidance
  • Customer interaction analytics to spot revenue opportunities


  • Data-based decision making
  • Unified control center
  • Real-time insight into customer buying habits
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Best-in-Class CRM Solutions We Support

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Streamline Your Workflows With CRM

Workflow Optimization
CRM supplies your employees with up-to-date info for their daily routine and removes redundant interactions.
Automation of sales, marketing, and customer service unlocks your potential for exponential growth.
Business Intelligence
CRM solutions provide managers with at-a-glance insights, ensuring informed on-the-spot decisions.
Unified Management
Manage all mission-critical processes in a single reliable system without the hassle of switching between apps.
The cloud nature of CRM enables online collaboration and integration with your software ecosystem.
Field workers, equipped with a mobile CRM, will ensure uninterrupted experience for your customers.
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End-to-End CRM Software Services


CRM Implementation

We deploy Creatio, HubSpot, Dynamics, Salesforce, and other CRMs for SMBs and enterprises.


CRM Customization

Tailoring a CRM to your specific business needs is the crucial aspect of successful implementation.


Custom CRM Development

For companies with unique business processes we develop fully custom CRM solutions.


CRM Integration

We make sure your CRM naturally fits in with the existing ecosystem: from telephony to CMS, ERP, etc.


CRM Data Migration

We ensure secure data migration and unification from legacy CRMs and other data sources.


Maintenance and Support

Our top priority is to maintain your CRM up-to-date and operational, even during peak intervals.


Webinar: Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

GenAI is generating buzz in tech and business communities, but what are the real benefits of its implementation for companies?

Watch our webinar to uncover opportunities GenAI creates for business and learn how to integrate it into your processes for maximum benefit.


CRM Integration Services for Any Needs


We provide CRM integration with KAZOO, RingCentral, and other phone systems to streamline your customer communications.

Email Marketing Platform

We help you track the performance of your email marketing campaigns by integrating your CRM with a mailing server.

Accounting & Payments

By securely connecting your CRM to an accounting system and payment gateway, we help you track all accounts & payments in a single place.

Document Management

Consolidation with a document management system makes your CRM an all-in-one solution to work on contracts, scans, etc.


CRM connected with a support system guarantees you’ll stay up-to-date on your customer journey, ready to take action.

Custom Integrations

Our team has over ten years of experience in integrating CRM solutions with ERP, CMS, POS, and other cloud-based systems.


WEBINAR: Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

What if every customer could deal with your single most effective sales and service person?

Watch the webinar to find out the ways to improve multichannel customer engagement, resolve tickets faster, and drive more deals.


CRM Development vs. CRM Customization

CRM from scratch

A CRM designed and developed from the ground up to meet your company’s specific needs is the key to long-term success.

Our team delivers custom CRM software development to optimize processes and workflows at your company.

  • Optimal set of features
  • Less time for training employees
  • Unlimited potential for further enhancements
  • Zero hidden costs

Off-the-shelf CRM

Customization of a ready CRM solution is a viable option for both a small business or large enterprise seeking to improve the output.

We will implement a CRM solution of your choice, enhancing it with required add-ons and integrations to fit your business flow.

  • Faster time to market
  • Market-tested technics
  • Saturated market of CRMs to choose from
  • Balanced pricing models

Excellence in Customer Relationship Management

Velvetech provides CRM software development and customization services since 2009 to help businesses streamline their workflows with custom CRM solutions and their integrations with other enterprise tools.

We work with tried-and-tested CRM solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Creatio, Zoho, HubSpot, Vtiger, and many others to take your customer communications to the next level.

10+ years in CRM implementation
24/7 support for uninterrupted service
3-Day Proof of Concept
Security and Compliance
Alignment with your long-term strategy


Our partners

Who Makes Us Stronger

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

With proven competency in over 80 areas, Velvetech maintains its Golden status in partnership with Microsoft in Application Development and as a Cloud Services Partner.


Certified Creatio Partner

Velvetech collaborates with Creatio in the provision of sophisticated CRM solutions for clients. Together we enable businesses to take complete advantage of the low-code process-driven CRM.

HubSpot Partner

HubSpot Partner

Velvetech supports organizations with top-notch CRM software and services tailored to accelerate growth, streamline business processes, drive sales, and reduce operational costs.

case studies

Velvetech helps a healthcare consulting company optimize their sales, marketing, and service processes. We’ve replaced several solutions with a low-code CRM platform Creatio to reduce the company’s operational costs by 30% and increase the contract renewal rate by 17%.

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case studies

Velvetech has implemented CRM Creatio and AI-Powered Call Analytics with Transcription Service for the inbound call center. These solutions have helped DataGuard USA increase conversion rates, enhance customer experience, and improve call center performance.

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case studies

Velvetech implements a feature-rich CRM platform Creatio and integrates it with QuickBooks and Mail Server. We help an IT consulting company automate their sales and customer service processes, which leads to the success of their internal operations.

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case studies

Velvetech assists a leading business communication provider with the integration of their VoIP system and Salesforce CRM. We’ve delivered voice calling, call logging, and recording capabilities inside CRM. The solution has become a competitive advantage and helped a company win new partners.

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case studies

With the use of AI and ML technologies, Velvetech has helped an insurance agency reduce average call handle time by 45% and lift customer conversion rates by 52%. We’ve implemented Call Analytics and Speech-to-Text Transcription to unlock the company’s full salesforce potential.

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case studies

We’ve assisted a large financial organization with the implementation of CRM Creatio and its integration with their in-house system, a call center, a help desk, and an email marketing platform. The solution enabled the company to improve customer experience and enhance engagement with prospects.

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What Our Clients Say

I would definitely recommend Velvetech’s services. They have been very prompt and helpful in all of our requests. By utilizing Creatio and Velvetech we were able to put the pieces of the puzzle for a full business cycle all together and be able to track and report every single aspect of our business process.

Cody Bohin
Cody BohinGeneral Manager,
Utah Senior Planning

Velvetech has proved invaluable in helping us create a product that did not exist and figuring out all the minor details that would go along with the software. They are innovative, smart, and agile. As a startup founder, I can report that their comprehensive service will absolutely get you from business plan to a functioning company.

Jeffrey Levy
Jeffrey LevyFounder,
Runners High Studio

One of the best out-source development companies I’ve worked with. From Yuri, the CEO, down through his entire organization. Their service-oriented attitude, quality deliverables and attractive pricing combine to provide top value. Looking for more opportunities to work with them.

Brian Morgan
Brian MorganCOO, Callpop

Extremely happy with the outcome of our Salesforce CTI integration. Once my engineering team saw the initial coding, they said it was the closest any outside team had come to a true understanding of the KAZOO platform. Velvetech is so responsive, they have an extraordinary ability to make you feel like you’re their only customer.

Mark Diaz
Mark DiazCEO, Vinix

I would recommend Velvetech services because through the entire process of our project we felt well informed, listened to, and had full confidence in the technical ability of the team. Additionally, we appreciate the responsiveness and value.

Diane Janson
Diane JansonDirector of IT,
DataGuard USA

Finding a development partner that we could trust to do things on time and properly was a major key for us. Velvetech grasped our needs almost immediately and was willing to work on other projects for us as well to make sure our integration was as seamless as possible. The enhanced tracking we can now do with call analytics, call recordings, and the new SMS tracking feature — allows us to have much more visibility into the success of our employees and helps us quantify campaigns better, which is very helpful.

Stephen Taylor
Stephen TaylorMarketing Director,
Harbour Capital Corporation

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