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A Little About WeMaid

Founded in 2018, WeMaid started as a local cleaning and organizational company running in Los Angeles by the members running WeMaid today. As business came flooding in, we came to a point where we needed to hire multiple cleaners to keep up with the demand. We wanted an efficient way to expand that brought lower costs to the client in comparison to the hefty prices some of these large corporations are charging. In addition, we also wanted to maximize the amount of money that a cleaner would bring home. Cleaning homes is a tedious and exhausting experience – we’ve all been there! Why not give your cleaners as much of the profit as possible? Many of these large corporations are charging an hourly rate from $40 – $65 and only paying their cleaners $15 – $20 a hour. Thats absurd!

All cleaners at WeMaid are brought on as domestic independent workers. We are simply the middle man. Our aim is to connect clients with cleaners and cleaners with clients. WeMaid cleaners are not hired as employees but they rather have a written agreement with us to help them find homes to clean! By doing this, we are able to cut out all of the expenses required to hire employees which means we can charge lower prices!

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What is a Referral Agency?

“Domestic Referral Agencies minimize the consumers’ costs while maximizing the workers’ income by outsourcing jobs to independent domestic workers who are registered under contract with referral agencies”

“The Domestic workers work to their own schedule. Utilize their own acquired knowledge to complete jobs and provide their own transportation. Depending on the needs of the customer, supplies, and equipment are provided by either the customer or worker. The workers provide professional domestic services, as requested by the customer, at the lowest possible cost.”

  • California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies