Home Cleaning Giveaway

Nominate someone who has fallen on hard times that you believe would benefit from a FREE 4 hour home cleaning. Nominate a friend, family member, colleague, neighbor, or anyone you know who could really use a helping hand right now.

WeMaid will provide a selected family, or individual, with a FREE 4 hour cleaning. One winner will be picked from any city in Los Angeles County and one from any city in Orange County. 

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WeMaid is committed to giving back to the communities that we have been serving since we launched our business. Without all of you, WeMaid wouldn't have the success it does today. These past few years have been difficult for everyone...that's why we want to help out where we can. Sometimes the smallest of things can make the biggest difference for someone in need.

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If you know of someone who is going through a hard time right now, or just doesn't have the time or mental capacity to clean their home...let alone keep it clean, we are here. WeMaid wants to partner with individuals in the community to help give back to the community. Let's ease this burden...together! Even the smallest of things, can make the biggest difference. I think we can all agree that a clean home makes us all feel 10x better! Imagine the spark of joy, relief, and happiness a clean home would bring to someone in need.

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WeMaid will be picking 2 families. One in each of our main serving areas: Los Angeles County and Orange County! As long as your submission lives in either of the two counties, they have a chance to WIN. WeMaid will be choosing the 2 winners on July 22, 2022 at 5:00PM PST. Contestants will be picked by our team dependent on each individual's circumstance(s). All entries are due at 12:00PM PST on July 22, 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The winner will be chosen by our WeMaid Happiness Team. Our team will unanimously chose a family who we believe would benefit most from a FREE 4 hour cleaning by one of our highly professional cleaners. The submission form with close on July 22, 2022 at 12:00PM PST and the chosen family will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to like and follow!

WeMaid will source one of our most reputable and reliable cleaners from our team. 

We completed understand the hesitation of having people in your home, especially as COVID-19 is affecting people all over the world. Our number one priority is keeping their family safe. The winner can delay the start date of their cleaning to any month within the 2022 year. 

WeMaid is committed to everyone's safety! We will carefully work with the winning family to ensure we are following all necessary COVID-19 protocols laid out by the CDC.

This can vary from home to home. Typically, home cleaning services include top-to-bottom cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, with dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing included. WeMaid if offering 4 hours of FREE cleaning so lets home it's enough to complete everything! If not, the winning family can delegate specific areas of focus to fill in those hours.

Yes! All cleaning products used by WeMaid's cleaners are safe for everyone in the home...including pets. 

Entrees are limited to one per person. Multiple entrees will not increase the chances of winning. If your submitted family doesn't win, you can resubmit their name when we do our next giveaway!

Book a Cleaning For Yourself

Now that you have submitted a free cleaning entree for someone else, have you considered receiving your own cleaning?

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