DevOps Services and Solutions

Through our DevOps expertise, we help companies automate software development, optimize IT infrastructures, and deliver better outcomes across the entire product lifecycle.

DevOps Development Services

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

As a company that has years of experience in DevOps consulting services, Velvetech will assist you with strategy development, resource planning, and tools choice.

DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

Our engineers implement robust technology tools and processes to automate repetitive and manual tasks, which leads to reduced errors and improved efficiency.

Infrastructure Management & Migration

Infrastructure Management & Migration

If your infrastructure relies on legacy tools or you want to optimize it as per your current needs, we’re here to help with its update, migration, and management.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Continuous Integration and Deployment

By implementing CI/CD pipelines, we automate essential software development processes such as provisioning, building, testing, and deployment.

Managed DevOps

Managed DevOps

We provide clients with a full spectrum of managed DevOps services to facilitate collaboration between development and IT operations and achieve better efficiency.



We focus on security and treat it as a shared responsibility across the entire development lifecycle to promote the safety of your IT infrastructure, solutions, and data.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Velvetech’s team is experienced in leveraging the IaC approach that allows you to automate the provisioning and management of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Our DevOps professional services incorporate all aspects of cloud management, including OpenAI resources, to help you scale resources according to your business needs.


DevOps Pillars We Rely On

Continuous Integration and Deployment

We incorporate robust tools and techniques of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment to automate software release to production environments. That includes fast and reliable implementation of new features and updates.

Continuous Feedback

DevOps feedback loops ensure everyone in the team is on the same page and there are no bottlenecks in the development process. We collect feedback from stakeholders and users, employ automated testing systems and monitoring tools.

Continuous Operations

To make sure your solution performs well, remains up-to-date, and meets user needs, our DevOps engineers turn to ongoing monitoring and management. The approach allows for capacity planning, scaling, and efficient system maintenance.


Effective CI/CD Pipeline to Follow

Effective CI/CD Pipeline
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The Power of DevOps and Cloud Computing Duo

Cloud computing and DevOps often go hand in hand as the former provides ground for robust DevOps practices by offering access to virtual machines and containers. This alliance drives flexibility and scalability to develop, deploy, and manage software solutions more efficiently.

For years, our DevOps experts help companies take advantage of cloud computing with the right service provider. Whether you need to start from scratch, migrate your existing IT infrastructure, or just optimize cloud costs, our team is ready to support you.

DevOps and Cloud Computing
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Benefits that Help Your Business Skyrocket

Boosted Operations

Companies that follow DevOps strategies built in alignment with their business requirements feel a positive impact on their operations.

Development Flexibility

Leverage DevOps services to gain more flexibility and streamline development processes, automate tasks, and drive project collaboration.

Faster Time to Market

DevOps helps reduce bottlenecks, manual handoffs, and delays in the development and delivery processes, thus accelerating time to market.

Better Integrity

DevOps ensures that code changes are tracked, tested, and deployed in a consistent manner, which helps maintain better integrity.

Lower Risks

Our DevOps experts will focus on reducing such risks as deployment failures, security vulnerabilities, operational issues, and others.

Reduced Costs

As a result of other benefits that DevOps offers, you can also take advantage of the significant cost reduction and improved ROI.


Excellence in Every Step of the Process



We start by thoroghly analyzing your requirements and existing infrastructure to deliver best results.



At this step, our team builds a roadmap that will be a pillar for further implemetation of your DevOps project.



We ensure process transparency and support effective communications for all stakeholders.



DevOps team will continue optimizing the solution so it fits your goals and delivers maximum performance.



We care that acquired DevOps solutions function seamlessly and remain aligned with your business needs.

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We Continuously Evolve Together with DevOps

Velvetech has been on the cutting edge of custom software development for over 20 years. That allowed our company to build efficient DevOps processes and become a reliable DevOps as a Service provider for many businesses across various industries.

We care about every client and thoroughly analyze each case to deliver the most suitable solution. If you’re looking to streamline the cycle of software delivery, accelerate product time to market, or set up effective collaboration between teams — we’re here to help.

  • Focus on security
  • Agile methodology
  • Transparent processes
  • Cross-industry expertise
  • Fast delivery

Technologies We Use

Cloud Platforms and Virtualization

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Hyper-V
  • VMWare
  • KVM

Configuration & Infrastructure Management

  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Azure ARM
  • AWS CloudFormation

Containerization and Orchestration

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • GCP Google Kubernetes Engine

Source Control, CI/CD

  • GitLab
  • GitHub Actions
  • Azure DevOps
  • Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Jenkins

Monitoring, Alerting, and Logging

  • Zabbix
  • Prometheus
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Azure Monitor
  • GCP Operations
case studies

Velvetech helps an auto insurance company optimize operations and eliminate manual work by reviewing their app’s code and automating building, testing, and deployment processes. The core part of the project was the migration of the entire infrastructure from Azure cloud to AWS while following the company’s strict confidentiality and security policy.

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case studies

Our DevOps team assisted the Client with its IT infrastructure and resource optimization. Being a partner of Microsoft for years and having deep experience in migrating tech solutions helped us quickly move MS 365 services from one tenant to another. That was done with the shortest downtime, which didn’t impact the company’s operations.

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case studies

In parallel with the implementation of web and mobile applications built by the team of developers, our DevOps engineers prepared a cloud infrastructure in AWS and configured multiple Kubernetes clusters. During the project, they also used GitLab to configure CI/CD pipelines.

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case studies
Azure Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

This ongoing project includes working on a variety of deliverables for a large reverse logistics company. A part of it requires the participation of our DevOps team that’s responsible for the development and deployment of the cloud infrastructure in Azure. That includes multiple Kubernetes clusters and describing infrastructure components via the Terraform templates.

case studies
Security Enhancement for a Wellness Platform

The client provides the platform that helps companies take care of their employees wellness. On top of mobile app development, we helped improve the AWS infrastructure to withstand the internet threats and completed a range of penetration tests to enhance the platform’s security.

What Our Clients Say

We didn’t have the resources in-house to accelerate our opportunities, and we would still not be to market if we hadn’t gone to a very capable outside contractor to help to accelerate our process. Velvetech were very articulate, polite and professional. We’re very pleased with our working relationship with Velvetech and hope they can be part of our operation into the foreseeable future.

Gerald Bedwell
Gerald BedwellIncreMedical, LLC

I just want to express how satisfied I am with the Velvetech team. As a prior DIO working with many offshore teams including teams I built and managed, the Velvetech team has been the most pleasant and easiest to work with. Everything from communication, documents, code quality, and understanding of our requirements has been top-notch.

Mark Werner
Mark WernerWellfit

Velvetech has made a significant improvement in our peace of mind in terms of IT support. There’s not been one technology-related problem or issue that Velvetech hasn’t been able to solve. We’ve worked with a lot of tech firms over the years that were never able to figure things out. Velvetech is able to figure out every issue we face, which is excellent.

Kit Pierri
Kit PierriLeider Greenhouses

Velvetech is a professional and trusted partner able to address our custom application development and support needs. Expertise from both a development/coding and infrastructure perspective, mature project management processes and methodology.

Brian HMembership Organization

I would recommend Velvetech services because through the entire process of our project we felt well informed, listened to, and had full confidence in the technical ability of the team. Additionally, we appreciate the responsiveness and value.

Diane Janson
Diane JansonDataGuard USA
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