Mobile App Development Services

We offer a full range of mobile development services from ideation and app design to project launch and support. Velvetech helps companies leverage mobile technologies to streamline their operations and improve customer experience and service quality.

Key Services We Deliver


Mobile Strategy Consulting

From market analysis and idea validation to launching a mobile product, we’ll support you with building a mobile strategy that yields tangible results.


Custom Mobile App Development

Our team will guide you at every step of the app development process to deliver custom mobile solutions based on your business goals and requirements.


Legacy App Modernization

We support legacy app migration and help with refining the app’s look & feel to update your solution in line with new technologies or user preferences.

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Webinar: How to Choose a Winning App Development Strategy

How to Choose a Winning App Development Strategy

Plan to develop a mobile app and want to come up with a winning go-to-market strategy?

Watch our webinar to uncover effective app development approaches and the ways to launch your mobile app based on a chosen strategy.


Full-Cycle Mobile App Development Services


MVP and Prototyping

Start with prototyping and an MVP version of your mobile app to verify your project feasibility before implementing a full-fledged solution.


UI/UX Design

Leverage UI/UX design services to offer users of your mobile app attractive visuals and an intuitive interface to boost their engagement.


Mobile Web Development

If you’re working on a web application, make sure your target users can reach it even on the go by optimizing it for various mobile devices.


Mobile Backend Development

Take advantage of the backend development in case your application requires employing a database and interaction with a server-side.


Mobile App Integration

Achieve seamless data exchange and streamline your business workflows by integrating your mobile app with other software and devices.


Mobile Product Development

If you plan to create a mobile app as a part of a product offering, we’ll help you build out a solution that best fits your strategy.

Mobile Project Success Story

A Complete Story of Mobile Product Development

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Mobile Application Types We Build

Enterprise Apps

The development of enterprise solutions for mobile devices will encourage your organization to forge ahead and help streamline your operational processes.

Consumer Apps

Enhance your services and provide consumers with the unique value and user experience they are looking for by creating an attractive and engaging mobile app.

  • mHealth
  • FinTech
  • Mobile Learning
  • Social Networking
  • On-Demand Apps
  • mCommerce
  • Communication
  • Utility Apps
  • Lifestyle & Sports
  • Content Distribution
  • Productivity
  • Location-Based Apps
  • Booking and Scheduling
  • Sales Enablement
  • Fleet Management
  • Workflow and Asset Management
Featured Projects

Mobile Applications We Developed

Mobile Solution for Smart Tires

Mobile Solution for Smart Tires

iOS application development for the automotive industry. The solution is a part of the IoT product that helps drivers monitor real-time data collected by sensors — tire pressure, temperature, and tread wear.

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App Store

Mobile Solution for Smart Tires

Uroflowmetry Application

Uroflowmetry Application

The mobile application that Velvetech has built for a digital health provider allows physicians and patients to screen for urinary conditions. iOS and Android apps complemented by a web portal promote the RPM approach and preventative health care.

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App Store
Uroflowmetry Application

Mobile App for an IoT Product

Mobile App for an IoT Product

As one of the components of the IoT system, Velvetech developed a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. With the use of a native mobile tech stack, our team implemented solutions that help the engineering company monitor helical pile installation.

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App Store Google Play
Mobile App for an IoT Product

Cold Chain Monitoring App

CargoData Lightning App

NFC-based mobile app for a cold chain management. Velvetech built a solution that supports cold chain monitoring and allows for control of temperature and humidity while transporting perishable goods.

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Google Play

CargoData Lightning App

Intelligent Trading App

Tradespoon Trading App

The mobile application complements web platform and provides traders with easy access to smart trading on-the-go. Users can benefit from Stock Forecast Toolbox and Seasonal Charts to enhance their investment strategy.

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Tradespoon Trading App

Medical Reference App

WhatMed App

Our mobile developers has delivered an app that brings medical assistance to the users’ fingertips. Whether it’s information about over-the-counter and herbal medications or a live consultation with a doctor — the application helps cope with minor health issues.

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WhatMed App

Mobile App Development Expertise for All Platforms

Native Apps

Choose a native app development approach to build graphic-intensive solutions with a full range of the latest features available in the iOS and Android operating systems.

Hybrid Apps

Whether it’s a consumer or enterprise application, reach your target audience faster with cross-platform app development that delivers hybrid apps with close to native user experience.

Progressive Web Apps

Employ a single-code base to create a website that looks and behaves like a mobile app and provides native-like features without requiring the end users to install it from the app stores.

Wearables and Embedded Software

We can help you support wearables like smartwatches and rings, fitness trackers, or body sensors with mobile apps or build any embedded software or firmware for your project.


Core Mobile Technologies


Our team of iOS app developers leverage Swift and Objective-C to help you build a native application that will work efficiently on any Apple device and cater to the needs of iOS users.

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Swift Swift
Objective-C Objective-C
CocoaPods CocoaPods
Xcode Xcode
Realm Realm
CoreData CoreData


If your app needs to engage the users of the most popular mobile OS in the world, we’ll assist you with Android development for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

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Kotlin Kotlin
Java Java
Android Studio Android Studio
Firebase Firebase
Gradle Gradle
Room Room


We’ve mastered frameworks like Flutter, React Native, and KMM to build cross-platform applications that help companies save development costs and accelerate project delivery.

Benefit from Cross-Platform Technologies
Flutter Flutter
React.Native React.Native
Kotlin Multiplatform Kotlin Multiplatform
Xamarin Xamarin


We combine robust mobile and web technologies that support the ease of development and deployment of progressive web apps designed uniquely for your business requirements.

Wrap Your Idea in a PWA
Polymer Polymer
Quasar Quasar
PWA Builder PWA Builder
React React
Angular Angular
Flutter Flutter
Vue Vue

Advanced Technologies to Pair with Your App


If you are planning to launch an IoT product or implement any connected devices, then mobile application development will likely be a part of it. We’ll help you deliver an efficient mobile solution to manage the IoT ecosystem, view essential analytics, and get valuable insights.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing services, you’ll get ample opportunities to fortify your mobile application development project. Facilitate quick delivery, drive data-intensive processes, and support API integrations between various sources — all this just by embracing cloud computing tools.


You can leverage blockchain development for your project in case you want to achieve an increased level of data privacy and make the app more secure. On top of that, using blockchain technology adds transparency and increases efficiency when it comes to financial transactions.


Empower your solution with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate manual workflows, analyze core data, and boost decision-making. Being a trusted provider of AI software development services, Velvetech will help your mobile app drive tangible outcomes.













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Pioneering Mobile Tech for Your Business



Increase patient engagement, enhance medical services, and optimize operational processes with mobile health applications.



Deliver superior insurance solutions and services by adopting mobile technologies designed with knowledge of your industry.



Whether it’s trading, loan management, or investment banking — mobile fintech software will help you gain a competitive edge.



We build practical mobile solutions for the manufacturing industry to manage production lines, supply chain, and customer service.



Foster online educational processes with bespoke app development to ensure a mobile experience for both teachers and students.



Companies from the transportation sector benefit from mobile apps for effective fleet management and logistics operations.

Real Estate

Real Estate

From agents and sellers to home buyers — we help every party of the real estate market win by implementing mobile technologies.

Retail and eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce

Provide in-person experience and optimize retail processes with mobile apps to entice customers and ensure business growth.


Top Mobile App Developers for Your Needs

Velvetech is a full-cycle mobile app development company that provides IT services for businesses globally. We possess extensive knowledge of mobile technologies and have been helping clients establish a mobile presence since the initial release of the iPhone.

Thanks to the cross-industry experience gained by Velvetech throughout the years, our clients benefit from acquiring mobile solutions that meet security protocols and regulatory compliance. The apps we deliver adhere to Apple’s and Google’s Developer Guides and methodologies.

  • Accelerated Delivery
  • 3-Day Proof of Concept
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Security and Compliance
  • Flexible Engagement Models

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Agile Approach

Mobile App Development Process

App Development Process Mobile App Development Process
  • High-level requirements
  • Idea validation
  • Negotiations
  • Project development cost & timeline
Agile Development
  • Project Management
  • Developing an app
  • Quality Assurance
  • Weekly status updates
  • Live version of a product
  • Documentation
  • Ownership transfer
  • Source code
  • Product updates
  • Performance optimization
  • Warranty
  • Troubleshooting

What Our Clients Say

We co-founded together with Velvetech the mobile store startup company Handster Inc., which became the biggest independent online store on the Android platform and was acquired by Opera Software. Velvetech is a great partner to work with, hope to do some other projects together with them in the future too!

Victor Shaburov
Victor ShaburovDirector Of Engineering
Snap Inc.

I’ve been working with Velvetech for about twelve years. I hired this firm to create some simple code for me, which grew into website development and our first mobile app. Velvetech is a one-stop shop for everything relating to the web… social media, mobile apps, websites. With their professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm, Velvetech has grown to be an extension of my department. They’re always two steps ahead of me, which is invaluable.

Anne Hedrich
Anne HedrichApache Corporation

I have been working with Velvetech since 2012. I was looking for a local development team able to produce quality financial software products, and I am very glad that I’ve met Velvetech. We have successfully implemented and deployed to production several financial applications. It is a pleasure to work with Veltetech team. I would highly recommend them as a reliable software development partner.

Vlad Karpel
Vlad KarpelTradespoon

We didn’t have the resources in-house to accelerate our opportunities, and we would still not be to market if we hadn’t gone to a very capable outside contractor to help to accelerate our process. Velvetech were very articulate, polite and professional. We’re very pleased with our working relationship with Velvetech and hope they can be part of our operation into the foreseeable future.

Gerald Bedwell
Gerald BedwellIncreMedical, LLC
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