AI-Powered Call Analytics Platform

What if every customer could have dealt with your single most effective sales person?

Real-Time AI Solutions for RingCentral

Real-time AI Solutions for RingCentral
WEBINAR: Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

What if every customer could deal with your single most effective sales and service person?

Watch the webinar, where Velvetech and Creatio experts discuss how AI and low-code technologies boost the performance of contact centers and elevate productivity across the sales, service, and marketing teams.

API Platform for Any AI Tool


Middleware can be the heart of any call center infrastructure. It connects a phone system, speech recognition module, and call analytics. As a result, you have a consolidated system where all components talk to each other.

VoIP Integrations

Take advantage of the world-class RingCentral telephony or bring your own telephony and leverage our ready to use infrastructure. Receive powerful analytics from your calls, no matter the phone system you use.

Business Intelligence

Our AI Cloud Platform feeds Business Support systems with conversational data to deliver immediate and actionable intelligence. Rely on our API to introduce innovations whenever challenges are made by the market.


Intelligent Solutions for Data-Driven
Sales and Service Calls

Turn Insights into Results

Extract actionable insights while your rep is on the call with Velvetech’s AI-powered call analytics seamlessly integrated with RingCentral.

With our integrated AI solutions for RingCentral, you get a turnkey platform ready to be used for solving complex call center business challenges and improve performance, adherence to operational rules and sales process, agent accountability, training, and compliance.

Real-Time Call Transcription

Real-Time Call Transcription

Effective call analytics begins with an accurate transcription. RingCentral users can rely on our real-time call transcription.

  • Real-time speech-to-text transcription
  • Speaker diarization
  • Call meta-data capturing
  • Full set of API integrations
Real-Time Call Transcription
Salesforce Widget with Call Analytics

Salesforce Widget with Call Analytics

Salesforce Widget with Call Analytics

Salesforce Widget with Call Analytics for RingCentral will allow your agents to rely on in-call analytics right in the CRM and provide managers with a clear vision of call center performance through a wide range of analytics reports.


What Our Clients Say

We had an idea to build a machine-learning system that would help our sales agents — in real-time, while they were on sales calls — leverage all of our company’s collective knowledge in a given selling situation. Since we deployed this solution, we’ve seen average call-handle times for our agents drop by as much as 45% and experienced a 52% lift in customer conversion rates.

Doug AltschulVP of Customer Experience,

Finding a development partner that we could trust to do things on time and properly was a major key for us. Velvetech grasped our needs almost immediately and was willing to work on other projects for us as well to make sure our integration was as seamless as possible. The enhanced tracking we can now do with call analytics, call recordings, and the new SMS tracking feature — allows us to have much more visibility into the success of our employees and helps us quantify campaigns better, which is very helpful.

Stephen Taylor
Stephen TaylorMarketing Director,
Harbour Capital Corporation

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