Manufacturing Software Development

Leveraging tech solutions and industry expertise to reinforce your manufacturing operations

Our Key Services for Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing Software Development

Custom Manufacturing Software Development

Vast experience in providing custom software services, allows Velvetech deliver cutting-edge manufacturing IT solutions and help its clients stay competitive.

Digital Strategy and Technology Consulting

Digital Strategy and Technology Consulting

Whether you’re about to approach your software project or have already started the development process, our team is here to consult you on any of your tech needs.

Legacy Software Modernization

Legacy Software Modernization

We’ll help you optimize and update legacy software to gain operational efficiency and address technology constraints that can hinder your business growth.


Velvetech has been implementing custom software solutions for the manufacturing business for years on end. The expertise we acquired allowed us to earn the trust and become a reliable development partner for many companies.

With an agile approach and skilled engineering teams, we design and develop software that helps manufacturing enterprises benefit from remote asset management, industrial automation, and resource & production planning.


Optimization of Your Manufacturing Business Operations

Business Process Operations

  • MRP
  • ERP
  • BI Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Document Management
  • Data Management and Reporting

Production Process Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • OHS Management
  • Quality Control

Customer Engagement

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • eCommerce
  • Customer Portals

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Custom Manufacturing Software Solutions

Business Process Management

From product lifecycle control to asset tracking, resource planning, and inventory management — BPM software will help solve the unique challenges of your company.

ERP & MRP Software

Elevate forecasting of your resources, capacities, and products. Adopt planning and reporting solutions to have an accurate overview of all production cycle components.

Supply Chain Management

Control the flow of your products by implementing supply chain management solutions to determine the location of items, monitor storage conditions, and meet the delivery demands.

Order and Inventory Management

Automate your warehouse operations. With intelligent order management systems, you’ll get practical insight into the profitability of your inventory and fluctuations in customer demand.

Occupational and Health Safety Management

Leverage OHSM software development for working environment. Identify hazards in the workplace and assess risks to comply with health and safety standards.

BI and Performance Management

Get rid of siloed data and use BI to manage the performance of employees and machines, reduce operational errors, and eliminate potential bottlenecks during the production cycle.

Predictive Maintenance

With tech solutions at hand, be one step ahead and take your maintenance to the next level. Unveil patterns from historical data to eliminate equipment failures and reduce downtime.

Product Quality Assurance

Ensure your customers get products free from any defects and imperfections. Incorporate computer vision and IoT technologies in your software to enhance the quality.

CRM Solutions

Boost your customer engagement and increase the performance of your sales and service teams. CRM software helps optimize workflows and unlock the growth of your business.


Smart Operations with Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

EMI is a comprehensive solution that serves as a digital center of modern manufacturing facilities. It can provide a holistic view of your operations by collecting and analyzing real-time data from various sources like machines, equipment, sensors, and production lines.

While having expertise in all the technologies that make enterprise manufacturing intelligence, Velvetech can design a robust system with architecture tailored to your manufacturing environment. Combine data, analytics, and smart decision-making to propel growth and innovation.

Smart Operations with Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

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What Really Matters in Manufacturing

Workflow Automation

From procurement and production lines to supply chain and customer service, manufacturing software helps companies automate the most important industry operations. As a result, achieving maximum efficiency.

Data Processing

Manufacturers daily handle a large amount of valuable data. Get meaningful insights and improve decision making by implementing tech tools that optimize data flows, facilitate processing, and beget intelligent analysis.

Operational Costs

By integrating such technologies as AI, RPA, IoT, and Blockchain in software development we enhance productivity in industrial manufacturing, reduce operational costs, and optimize resource planning for improved efficiency.

Webinar: Business Analysis for Predictable Results in IT Projects

Business Analysis for Predictable Results in IT Projects

Feeling that your tech endeavors don’t always match your business goals and desired outcomes?

Watch our webinar to explore the best business analysis practices and techniques to bridge the gap between a vision and IT execution.


IT Services We Offer to the Manufacturing Industry

Full-Featured Systems and Solutions Delivery

From hardware to software application, we help companies build every component of the manufacturing system to support the entire production cycle.

Web & Mobile App Development

Velvetech will help you build a web app or mobile solution to foster your production environment or streamline any business process.

Embedded Software Development

To gain control over the systems and better manage the production environment, our experts will design embedded software that fits your needs.

Software Integration

For consistent manufacturing operations, we integrate your existing and new apps with the use of secure APIs and microservices.

IoT Systems Design

Experienced in the Internet of Things development, our team can equip you with a robust IoT solution to improve operational efficiency.

AI & ML Implementation

We leverage AI and ML technologies to support manufacturers with software for optimizing equipment maintenance and elevating product quality.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing technologies, Velvetech helps manufacturers build troubleproof production, reduce costs, and bolster competitiveness.

Support and Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for manufacturing software to work in a reliable manner, thus we ensure your systems stay up-to-date, secure, and efficient.

Research & Development

If you’re looking for an innovative product, we’re ready to guide your research & development journey and deliver an advanced solution to the market.

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Trusted Manufacturing Software Development Partner

Velvetech understands the value of effective operations for the manufacturing industry, thus providing technology-driven software systems to help organizations address their goals. Through digital transformation, we aid clients in forging a responsive environment and becoming flexible.

Experienced in a full range of custom software development services, our team will deliver advanced solutions for your business. From requirements analysis and UI/UX design to development, deployment, and maintenance — Velvetech can be your one-stop partner to entrust technology needs.

  • Domain Expertise
  • Value-Driven Approach
  • Consistent Quality
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Regulatory Compliance
case studies

Velvetech helps a global manufacturer of branding tire solutions design a smart IoT product that incorporates built-in sensors, mobile and web apps. An innovative solution provides a range of tire analytics for drivers to enhance fuel consumption and vehicle safety & performance.

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case studies

Leider Greenhouses, a flower-growing business, turned to Velvetech to upgrade their legacy solution that controls all stages of plants production. Our team migrated it to a cloud platform and integrated with accounting software. We also updated the company’s entire IT infrastructure to ensure the consistent production and delivery of the highest quality plants.

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case studies

Velvetech assists the client in improving their warehouse management operations. We built an Android mobile app and integrated it with barcode scanners and an ERP system to log and track inventory data. Moreover, our team delivered a UI that allowed employees to use the app even while wearing gloves.

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case studies

From hardware to software, we designed an advanced cold chain monitoring system to help our client control products’ delivery conditions. The solution allows perishable food, pharmaceutical, floral, and chemical companies to monitor humidity and temperature and track the shipments and routes.

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case studies

Dinamic Oil, a manufacturing company that provides industrial apps and mobile machines, turned to Velvetech for an IoT project development. Our team of engineers designed torque and speed sensors coupled with mobile and desktop applications to monitor and process helical pile installation data.

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case studies

Velvetech helped Wizard Cutters — a manufacturer of computerized mat cutters — streamline their customer communications by delivering a powerful solution. Our team implemented a cloud phone system and integrated it with Creatio CRM to ensure a single interface for managing all interactions with the company’s clients.

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve been working with Velvetech for about twelve years. I hired this firm to create some simple code for me, which grew into website development and our first mobile app. Velvetech is a one-stop shop for everything relating to the web… social media, mobile apps, websites. With their professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm, Velvetech has grown to be an extension of my department. They’re always two steps ahead of me, which is invaluable.

Anne Hedrich
Anne HedrichApache Corporation

Over the decade dealing with Velvetech, we have worked together to create a full line of products, including GPS, internet, Sim card communication M2M technology and in every instance, we have found the management and developers at Velvetech to be exemplary. We have developed at least 15 new electronics devices with Velvetech and they have been on time and on budget in every case. This firm is a one stop shop to implement innovative ideas.

Janet WilliamsCOO, Cargo Dara Corporation

Velvetech has made a significant improvement in our peace of mind in terms of IT support. There’s not been one technology-related problem or issue that Velvetech hasn’t been able to solve. We’ve worked with a lot of tech firms over the years that were never able to figure things out. Velvetech is able to figure out every issue we face, which is excellent.

Kit Pierri
Kit PierriLeider Greenhouses
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