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Our recruiting process

What to Expect After Applying?



1-3 days
Our HR team will review your application to make sure our interests and requirements match equally.

Interview with HR

1 day
The next step will be an online interview with a recruiter where you will hear more about the role and we will learn more about you.

Test Task

3-7 days
At this step, you will receive a short task that will help you understand better what the job role is about.

Tech Interview

1-3 days
After the assessment, you will talk to the Team Lead who will examine your technical skills and experience.

Final Interview

2 days
You will have a chat with our top management to answer more thoughtful questions and discuss the terms of employment.

Job offer

1-2 weeks
As a final step of the recruiting process, we will send you a job offer to make the start of our partnership official and profound.


1-3 months
During the onboarding process, you’ll meet the team, integrate with Velvetech culture, and learn everything you need to rock!

We Are Looking for Like-Minded Professionals


You are performance-focused and committed to excellence to deliver the best possible solutions for the clients' needs.


You respect diverse strengths, interests, and cultural background of everyone around to build trust and strong relationships.


You are loyal to the people you work with and willing to share your knowledge and expertise to help them learn and develop.

Continuous Development

You focus on continuous development and improvement of both hard and soft skills to become a high-level professional.


You are self-organized, set measurable goals, and take responsibility to cope with challenges and achieve tangible results.

Fairness and Honesty

You support open and transparent communications with colleagues and clients to foster a friendly and efficient work environment.

Ready to Join the Velvetech Team?


Why Work with Velvetech

People-First Attitude

Your opinion matters, the doors of our top management are always open for everyone.

Exciting Projects

Our work is more than coding: challenging projects and tasks, streamlined processes.


We always consider your preferences: tech stack to use, work location and schedule.

Encouraging Environment

We foster initiatives leading to competence growth, team efficacy, and project success.

Professional Development

We offer certification programs and support workshops and general knowledge sharing.

Strong Engineering Culture

Our team consists mostly of middle & senior developers, seasoned PMs, and Team Leads.


Build Your Career at Velvetech

Velvetech is a company made up of experienced professionals strategically distributed in 15+ global technical job markets. Our team is focused on steady development, continuous service delivery, and long-term relationships.

Our mission is to provide clients with outstanding professional services for the full cycle of product and project development.

We’re honest and transparent in all of our communications and openly collaborate in pursuit of perfection, efficiency, and fidelity. Together, we shape a new reality with elevated technologies and an innovative environment.


What Our Team Says

Velvetech is a great company that cares about both customers and employees. It always adapts to the changing environment and continues to show stability, quality, and growth even in difficult times. The excellent staff is always helpful and seems to be able to find an answer to any technical/business/general question.


I've been working at the company for a little less than a year, yet it’s enough for me to form an opinion. Everyone works in teams. There are also various contests, workshops, and meetings with the company’s management where you can ask any question. I like the fact that I am involved in a project that’s modern in terms of electronics and IT. We apply advanced standards and technologies in the development of both electronic devices and mobile apps.

YuriiOS Developer

Great company. Lots of different projects and people. There is an opportunity to work flexitime. There are also many internal events for teambuilding and to improve professional skills. The management is always ready to discuss any problems and questions.

FedorFrontend Developer

The management seems to be really caring about employees and their work/life balance. The training process is smooth. This is my first time in IT, and it's great that Velvetech is raising its professionals from scratch. Working at Velvetech has improved my skills and allowed me to develop my abilities, and for that I am internally grateful.

AnastasiaBusiness Analyst

I work for Velvetech as a PM. It is a reliable company both for clients and for employees. I liked the clear hiring process. The company has well-organized workflows. Full remote work and flexible hours is a huge plus for me.


I’m excited to work at Velvetech. I’ve worked for this company for over 10 years and went from a developer to a project manager. The company is interested in employee development, exchange of knowledge is welcomed, and we often have internal workshops on interesting topics. If someone faces any problem, you can always find help. Remote work allows you to organize the workflow at your own pace and to work flexible working hours at your most productive time.


Our Company Events and Culture

We create an engaged culture and foster a highly-professional environment. Throught our company events, everyone in the team has an opportunity to improve their soft skills and cope with any challenges in their professional journey.


At the workshops, our leading experts cover popular professional topics and share their experience.

Round tables

Round tables are usually hosted by several speakers that bring a variety of perspectives to a chosen subject.


We offer tuition reimbursement so everyone can pass certifications to grow their professional expertise.


Regular meetups for project teams and our professional communities held to keep everyone on the same page.

English Lessons

We encourage English learning motivation and support lessons and speaking clubs to advance the knowledge.

AMA Meetings

Ask Me Anything meetings — our top management answers the questions and shares news and achievements.

Tea Time Calls

Frequent informal gatherings where we chat about anything outside of work and learn more about each other.


We play quiz games and take part in various photo and video contests that foster internal collaboration.


Professional and public holidays, and Company Birthday where we give annual recognition awards to the nominated employees.

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