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Unlock valuable business insights with our data science services and start the development of software products that will harness the power of ML and AI technologies today.

Data Science Uses To Fuel Business Growth

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Optimized Operations

Optimized Operations

Accelerated Decisions

Accelerated Decisions


With years of experience in the custom software development domain, we pride ourselves on delivering professional data science services that companies truly require. From consulting on data strategy to building complex models and algorithms, our team is always focused on catering to our clients’ needs and building solutions that boost business growth.

As a trusted IT consulting and software development company, Velvetech leverages data science to extract actionable insights and solve the toughest operational challenges. We can help take your organization to a new level of efficiency and profitability by enlisting data science technologies that will only improve as the years go by.


Value that Data Science Creates

If you deal with large amounts of complex data that come from various sources, then data science is the right set of technologies to leverage. It provides immense value for organizations that want to improve their decision-making, optimize workflows, and offer a more personalized customer experience.

In particular, data science solutions allow you to measure and track metrics, capture patterns, and analyze correlations to make predictions, extract insights, and explore new opportunities. Statistical modeling and computing, scientific methods, and data research help turn data into assets.


Data Science Services We Offer

Data Science Consulting

We provide data science consulting services to help establish a data-driven strategy and determine how existing workflows can be improved for the highest business impact.

Data Preparation

If your organization wants to make the most of data science, our experts can help with data cleansing, preparation, and analysis to ensure effective work of complex systems.

Data Engineering

We help clients create data warehouses and data lakes, as well as build automated pipelines that facilitate information processing for a truly efficient data-driven ecosystem.

Data Science Solutions Development

Our team builds advanced solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to optimize repetitive processes and improve customer experiences.

Data Science Experimentation

With various models, we’ll help you build a data-led experimentation strategy and set casual relationships between variables to successfully implement your data science project.

Data Visualization

To clearly communicate valuable information, our team can transform your data into interactive and intuitive dashboards that make analysis and decision-making much easier.

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Data Science Experts for Your Next Project

Whether you want to outsource an entire data science project or are looking for staff augmentation services to support your programming team, Velvetech is ready to help under an engagement model that best suits your needs. We have a range of experts that are ready to dive into your project and deliver exceptional results that will transform your business and boost the bottom line.

  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Big Data Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
Webinar: Exploring Business Intelligence

Transforming Business Operations with a BI Approach

You must be working with volumes of data daily, and we know it. It's time to extract meaningful insights from it.

Watch our webinar to learn the secrets of business intelligence, modern BI tools for data analysis, and best practices for accurate results.


Methods and Algorithms We Use

Statistical Methods

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • ARMA
  • Bayesian Inference

Machine Learning Methods

  • Supervised Learning Algorithms
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
  • Reinforcement Learning Methods

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Autoencoders
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Deep Q-Networks
  • Bayesian Deep Learning

Business Challenges Behind Data Science

When incorporating data science solutions, there are multiple challenges a company may face. At Velvetech, we help solve these issues by prioritizing a tailored approach and starting with an analysis of your unique situation before recommending a course of action.

Dealing with Multiple Data Sources

Dealing with Multiple Data Sources

Organizing Effective Stakeholder Collaboration

Organizing Effective Stakeholder Collaboration

Identifying the Optimal Technologies to Leverage

Identifying the Optimal Technologies to Leverage

Defining the Business Problem Correctly

Defining the Business Problem Correctly

Integrating Multiple Systems into a Coherent Unit

Integrating Multiple Systems into a Coherent Unit

Transforming Models into Profitable Solutions

Transforming Models into Profitable Solutions

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Global Data Science Services: From Chicago to Everywhere

By leveraging our extensive cross-industry expertise, we will help you unlock the power of the digital information you hold through custom data science services. Whether you operate in healthcare, real estate, insurance, retail, finance, or any other industry, with Velvetech, you can be confident that you’re getting a solution in-line with your sector’s best practices.

Our team is always focused on delivering quality software and services by taking into consideration the unique goals and requirements of each client. Thus, when working with us, you will never have to doubt whether your objectives will be reached.

  • Cross-Industry Expertise
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Agile Development
  • Tailored Approach
  • Security and Compliance

Agile Approach to Data Science

Velvetech’s team relies on an agile software development process to deliver data science solutions that propel your company forward.


Analyze Business Needs

We start by assessing your business needs and current performance to identify the key objectives you want to meet and challenges that may arise along the way.


Prepare the Data

Our data scientists gather data from multiple sources, evaluate its quality, and remove inaccurate records to ensure the data is ready for analysis.


Develop Analytical Algorithms

Once the data is ready for further processing, our team chooses optimal data science techniques and develops analytical models that help reach organizational goals.


Implement and Support

Following model testing, we implement it into your business and continue to assess algorithm performance in order to make adjustments when necessary.

Webinar: Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

Transforming Business with GenAI-Infused Software

GenAI is generating buzz in tech and business communities, but what are the real benefits of its implementation for companies?

Watch our webinar to uncover opportunities GenAI creates for business and learn how to integrate it into your processes for maximum benefit.


Technologies We Leverage

Languages & Frameworks

  • Python
  • Scikit-learn
  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • PaddlePaddle

AI Models

  • GPT-3
  • LaMDA
  • MUM
  • Wu Dao 2.0


  • Matplotlib
  • Plotly
  • Seaborn


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
case studies

Velvetech’s team of data scientists helps the company, an online advertising network, boost ad revenue with the implementation of an algorithm to analyze advertising data. In particular, the solution contributed to ad revenue forecasting, CTR enhancement, advanced campaign management, and more — all to help the company build robust ad strategies for its clients.

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case studies

AI Call Analytics for Insurance

Velvetech optimized call center performance for an insurance company with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning for analyzing call data. Following the integration of the AI technology, Insureon’s call center staff performance improved substantially, and the firm observed a 52% rise in conversion rates.

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case studies

Call Center Analytics and Transcription

Our team leveraged AI and ML technologies to help a document management service company enhance its call center productivity by becoming more data-driven. After merging a CRM system with a transcription service and call center analytics, the organization was able to better serve its customers, thus increasing conversion rates.

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What Our Clients Say

We had to have a software development partner, largely because we did not have all the capabilities internally. But as we picked that, we had to have somebody that could work at our pace and our speed. And that is where Velvetech came in. They have been amazing in enhancing our team every step of the way, adding capability. And they really do feel like a part of Insureon.

Ted Devine
Ted DevineCEO, Insureon

I would recommend Velvetech services because through the entire process of our project we felt well informed, listened to, and had full confidence in the technical ability of the team. Additionally, we appreciate the responsiveness and value.

Diane Janson
Diane JansonDirector of IT,
DataGuard USA

I have been working with Velvetech since 2012. I was looking for a local development team able to produce quality financial software products, and I am very glad that I’ve met Velvetech. We have successfully implemented and deployed to production several financial applications. It is a pleasure to work with Veltetech team. I would highly recommend them as a reliable software development partner.

Vlad Karpel
Vlad KarpelTradespoon

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