KAZOO Call Center Automation

KAZOO-Integrated Contact Center Solutions

Experience the Power of KAZOO Call Center

Transform the way you achieve your customer experience goals with a cloud-based contact center solution.

Regardless of your current IT environment and business process complexity, Velvetech will deliver a perfect-fit solution aimed to enhance your customer communications and call center efficiency.

Custom Solutions for Your KAZOO Phone System

We develop solutions to make your experience with 2600hz KAZOO phone system effortless and efficient. Whether you need a custom interface, setup automation, or other advanced features, we are here to do it.

KAZOO Call Center Integration with Your CRM

We offer seamless integration of VoIP call center with your current CRM: Creatio, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc. You will get access to customer records on a call and manage all your customer activities: appointments, tasks, calls, emails, notes, and more.


CRM + KAZOO for Business Automation

We provide solutions to automate your business processes by configuring CRM integrated with a VoIP call center, giving you control over your customer communications, employees performance, sales and marketing.

WEBINAR: Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

Gaining Control of Contact Center Performance

What if every customer could deal with your single most effective sales and service person?

Watch the webinar to find out the ways to improve multichannel customer engagement, resolve tickets faster, and drive more deals.

Success story

Mark Diaz

CEO of Vinix, on Working with Velvetech

Discover what working with Velvetech looks like through client’s eyes. Mark Diaz tells how Velvetech helped Vinix to integrate their VoIP product with Salesforce.

Salesforce Telephony Integration

All Customer Communications in a Single-Window System

Single-window contact center solution will take your customer communication experience to a new level.

It is a powerful tool that brings capabilities of CRM System and a call center in one place.

Tailored exactly to your business needs, it will boost your contact center performance and customer engagement.

KAZOO Single-Window System

Third-Party Integrations

Integration with existing enterprise software and CRM system

Custom UI

User interface adjusted to your business needs and your brand

Softphone Support

WebRTC, desktop softphone, and desk phone support

Auto Dialer

Automated task distribution among call center agents

Analytics and Reports

Clear picture of key call center activities and metrics

Intuitive Billing

Simple subscription management

Getting Started Is Fast and Easy

Standard configuration templates will minimize manual efforts and save the time needed for call center setup. You just need to enter your basic settings including devices, call flows, ring groups, voicemails, and other into a simple web form to obtain a solution ready to serve your business straight away.

KAZOO Call Center Setup
Empower Call Center Agents

Empower Your Call Center Agents

Give your agents everything they need to deliver excellent customer experience.

  • Intuitive interface
  • CTI screen pops to reduce call-handling times
  • Advanced routing options to properly address customer needs
  • Analytics and reporting to track key metrics

What Our Clients Say

I’m happy to say, and I don’t know how they do it, but Velvetech is so responsive, they have an extraordinary ability to make you feel like you’re their only customer. I don’t know how they do it. Once my engineering team saw the initial coding, they said it was the closest any outside team had come to a true understanding of the KAZOO platform.

Mark Diaz
Mark DiazCEO, Vinix
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You will learn how our call center automation solutions can empower your front-line communications, be integrated with your current software environment and customized to your business processes.

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